How It All Started

How it all Started

Dulce Events has evolved over the years. We started out as a little rental company offering themed party decor. As our events grew from rentals to corporate events, showers, graduations, retirement parties, fundraisers, rehearsal dinners… and so on, we were eventually asked to plan a wedding, then another, and another… We caught the wedding bug, fell head over heals with weddings, and the rest is history!

A Little Background

Initially, I was not looking to start a wedding planning business. In fact, people would ask if that was the goal and I would always respond with a hard “no”. I was very hesitant to agree to help with weddings. Why? Two reasons:

First, wedding planning is hard. I had already helped plan many weddings for family and friends when we lived in Miami. I already knew how challenging and time consuming weddings can be. There are emotions involved, big emotions! There are two completely different families coming together to have the biggest celebration of their life: the marriage of their precious child, and it must be perfect. Then, you have to work with all the vendors, the venues (sometimes multiple), the wedding party, and of course, the bride and groom. When you finally get through all the design elements, decor selection, floral design, and rentals for everything from chairs to linens, you still have the wedding day to manage. Everything has to be timed perfectly, set up beautifully, flow perfectly, and managed so well that any hiccups that arise are handled quickly and are virtually invisible to the couple and families. If you’ve ever had dinner at a restaurant, you know how many things can be ‘not quite right’ in just a 1-hour time span. Now imagine a 15-hour day from start to finish, with dozens of vendors each playing a critical role. (I have stories!) It takes a very organized person with nerves of steel to do this every weekend.

Second, I’m a bit of a perfectionist. If I’m going to do something that’s on display for everyone to see, I’m going to do it right. You don’t just become a wedding planner overnight. It’s complicated and would take tons of work to set up methods and systems of organization. I wasn’t about to take on someone’s special day by winging it. So, because I didn’t have time to put my life on hold to create a new business, I said no to weddings. Until I couldn’t, and here we are.

Fast Forward

Now, six years later (at the time of this writing) and tons of dream weddings under my belt, my only regret is that I didn’t start sooner. They say ‘you’ll never be ready’ to start a new business or take that leap, or that there is never going to be ‘a perfect time’, and it’s so true. Now, I have the best job in the world, working with beautiful things and helping make wedding days magical. The systems and methods did take years to perfect, but I feel confident that I am providing the best service to the couples I work with. As an added bonus, I get to work with some of the best vendors in town. I am always in awe of their expertise and talent and I learn something new every day just from networking and building business relationships within the community. I am so grateful that Dulce Events has earned a great reputation and that we’ve made many friends along the way.

And that’s why we have a new blog…

I’m one of the few that actually likes to blog. I love reflecting on past events and sharing photos and ideas. We’ve always had a blog. But with the launch of our updated website, I took a look at the old blog, and realized it was time to start fresh. So, while we’ve been around for awhile, I’m starting from scratch with the blog. I hope to share lots of fun inspiration, ideas, and thoughts about celebrations with you. I hope you’ll follow along!

XOXO, Dania